We work hard to control premium increases for our customers and pay claims quickly. While the majority of claims are genuine, a small number may not be. This is known as insurance fraud. Although it's uncommon, it can lead to higher prices if it's not controlled.

If you're concerned about suspicious activity or insurance fraud, you can email us in confidence at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

What we're doing to help

We take fraud detection and prevention very seriously.

  • We use a range of tools to detect suspicious activity.
  • Our dedicated fraud team focuses on preventing and investigating fraud attempts.
  • We share information with other insurers to prevent attempted fraud.
  • If we find evidence of fraud, we'll take all necessary action, including legal action, to ensure the maximum penalty.

Insurance fraud examples

  • Claiming for healthcare or medication which hasn't been received
  • Altering invoices or including false descriptions for treatment or medication
  • Claiming for healthcare or medication which aren't covered by our customers policies
  • Sending us false or incomplete information when taking out an insurance policy
  • Working with someone else to commit fraud. For example a policyholder, healthcare provider or broker
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