I didn’t have to sell mums home

“Mum was living with her sister Carol, who she owned her home with. Carol is 71, meaning they weren’t expected to sell their home.”

Our local authority covered most of the cost

“The home Mum liked best had higher fees than in her agreed budget, so I chose to pay a third party top up fee to cover the difference.”

Care home costs

We can help you work out the likely cost of care and how you might pay for it. For example, you could get financial help from your local authority, or you might consider a care annuity (ensuring a regular income towards your care costs), or a type of equity release called a lifetime mortgage. We can also discuss whether you need specialist care, perhaps for dementia, palliative or respite care, as this can be more costly

Figuring out how to pay for care can be a worry, so we're here to help. Check out our page all about it, give us a call, or download our free guides.

Download one of our free guides

We've created a number of guides to give you advice on where to start and what to expect.

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