What additional financial support is available?


No matter how the care is funded, you may be eligible for various benefits and support such as attendance allowance and pension credit. You will need to apply for these. If you need further help or advice, call our customer care team and we’ll be able to discuss your options.

Kerrie Customer Care Team, Leeds

          What happens when my financial situation changes?


Over time your capital is likely to go down, and in some situations, this can mean that residents can go from paying for their own care to receiving some financial help. Those receiving help could also be eligible for more funding if they fall below the lower financial limit. For free help or advice, speak to a member of our customer care team.

Jacqui Customer Care Team, Leeds

How will my finances be assessed?


As part of a local authority assessment, the local authority look at a mix of capital and income. The amount of capital and income you have will determine how much of the care you’ll need to pay for. That includes the value of your property, if you own one, income and any savings. Call the customer care team if you need any more help and advice.

Keith Customer Care Team, Leeds

How much is a care home with Bupa?


Our weekly fees vary depending on the type of care needed, the chosen room within the home and the location of the home. The best way to get a true idea of cost is to call us. Call our customer care team and we’ll be able to discuss the best options for you without any pressure.

Ashley Customer Care Team, Leeds

Dementia care home fees

Are you or a loved one living with dementia? The price of your care will be more compared to other types of care such as nursing care.

The reason costs are higher is because the care home needs to meet specialist requirements to provide your care.

Do I have to pay for my parent’s care home?


Unless you have any joint assets or contracts with a parent, there’s no legal obligation for you to pay for their care. Of course, you can opt to pay for your parent’s care home, but if you do this you may need to sign a contract with the care home to make this an official declaration.

Emily Customer Care Team, Leeds


Who pays for nursing home care?


The way you pay for nursing care depends primarily on the value of your assets. If you live in England or Northern Ireland and your assets fall under £23,250, your local authority can help with funding. If they are more than this value, you will be responsible for paying the cost of your care. For Scotland, it’s if your assets are under £32,750. For Wales it’s £50,000.

Keith Customer Care Team, Leeds

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