Bupa Dental Care Devonshire Square

Saghar Khosravi

GDC - 5315 Hygienist

Saghar Khosravi is a dedicated dental hygienist with a wealth of experience and a passion for keeping smiles bright and healthy.

Since 1998, Saghar has been serving the vibrant community of London with her expertise. Graduating with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the esteemed Royal Dental College in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1997, Saghar journeyed through private practices in Florence before finding her home at Bupa Dental Care in 2016.

What truly sets Saghar apart is her unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of dental care. She's not just about maintaining her skills; she's all about exceeding them. That's why you'll often find her attending courses and conferences, not just locally, but around the globe. Saghar understands that to provide you with the best care, she needs to be armed with the latest research, techniques, and technologies.

With Saghar, you're not just getting a dental hygienist; you're getting a partner in your oral health journey to keep your smile radiant and your dental health in top shape.

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