London West End Health and Dental Centre

Maria Retzepi

GDC - 82573 PhD CertClinSpec (Perio) MSc Athens 2003 PCCSP Athens 2002 DipDS Athens 1999 Periodontist

Maria is a specialist in periodontics.

Maria qualified as a dental surgeon from the University of Athens and obtained her master of science degree in oral biology and certificate of clinical specialisation in periodontics with distinction. She was then awarded a clinical training fellowship for the department of periodontology and fixed prosthodontics, at the University of Berne, Switzerland.

Maria received her doctor of philosophy degree from the University College London Eastman Dental Institute for her research on the effect of diabetes mellitus on dental implants and on bone regeneration. She’s the recipient of the prestigious international award in dental implantology, namely the 2009 European Association of Osseointegration Research Award and the 2010 Andre Schroeder Research Prize.

Maria is honorary senior clinical lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London and a registered specialist in periodontics. She is also a fellow of the International Team for Implantology and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Her clinical expertise includes the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases, performance of conventional and regenerative periodontal surgery with guided tissue regeneration and enamel matrix proteins, periodontal plastic microsurgery.

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