Bupa Dental Care Market Rasen

Ayman Eldash

GDC - 277343 Statutory Exam 2018; Bachelor Degree of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery Suez Canal University 2012 Private Dentist

Ayman Eldash is a dentist at Bupa Dental Care Market Rasen experienced in a broad range of treatments and services, including aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry and composite bonding.

Training and qualifications

Aymen qualified in Egypt in 2012 and went on to work in both hospitals and primary care settings in Egypt during the early years of his career. After moving permanently to the UK in 2016, Ayman gained further qualifications to deepen his skills and broaden his capabilities, including a postgraduate certificate and diploma in implantology from Cambridge Academy.

Ayman’s dentistry qualifications and certificates include:

  • Bachelor degree, Suez Canal University, Egypt 2012
  • Vocational training at Ministry of Education centres in Egypt, completed in 2013
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry, Cairo University 2016
  • Overseas Registration Exam/GDC Statutory exam 2018
  • Mandatory Training Programme, NHS Scotland 2018
  • VTE (Vocational Training by Equivalence) NHS Scotland 2019
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Implantology, Cambridge Academy 2020
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Implantology, Cambridge Academy 2021

    Treatments offered

    Ayman has a particular interest in dentistry for pain relief, including TMJ disorders, as well as procedures that create beautiful, happy and healthy smiles such as composite bonding and veneers. Being a general dentist allows Ayman to utilise an array of skills across several fields. Whether a patient is seeking a healthy and pain-free mouth or a more aesthetic smile, Ayman can tailor treatments that suit their needs and deliver lasting results.

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