Bupa Dental Care Peterborough Herlington

Elvira Mawby

GDC - 245840 Registered under s16(2A) of the Dentists Act 1984 2013 DMD 1988 Dentist

Elvira Mawby is a skilled and experienced dentist and a valued member of the Bupa Dental Care Peterborough Herlington team.

Training and qualifications

After graduating in 1988 as a Doctor of Medical Dentistry and accumulating the required experience in general dentistry, Elvira went on to pursue a postgraduate medical science degree and a role as a university lecturer. In this role Elvira attended the School of Dental Hygiene at the Old Dominium University in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Elvira also worked as an opinion leader, evaluator, consultant and lecturer for Ultradent Dental Products INC’s main product line (teeth whitening, tissue management, restorative materials, endodontics and prevention). During the attendance of multiple international training seminars Elvira’s skills and knowledge were acknowledged with awards for restorative dentistry procedures.

The praise Elvira has received from her patients since 2014 when she started working at the Herlington dental practice has been highly rewarding and motivates Elvira to keep up to date with the latest developments in dentistry.

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