Bristol Almondsbury Dental Implant Clinic

Ioannis Kakisis

GDC - 102924 Registered under s16(2A) of the Dentists Act 1984 2006, BDS 2001, MSc Prosthodontics 2006, MSc Implantology 2008 Dentist

Ioannis Kakisis is an experienced implant dentist who holds two postgraduate master’s degrees and has a keen interest in smile in a day restorations. Ioannis places over 400 implants a year alongside sinus lifts and bone regeneration treatment.

Training and qualifications

Ioannis has been practicing implant dentistry in the UK since 2006 and has been at our practice in Bristol for over ten years, having moved here from Athens. Before joining our clinic, he worked in a number of implant clinics in Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales.

Ioannis is highly qualified and holds two master’s degrees in dental implantology and in prosthodontics, both obtained from Manchester University.

Treatments offered

In addition to dental implant treatment, Ioannis has a keen interest in aesthetic prosthodontics including crowns, bridgework and veneers. His other interest is oral surgery and he’s able to perform complex extractions, apicectomies, frenectomies and soft tissue management.

Ioannis is passionate about dental implants and works with his patients to achieve life changing transformations.

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