Colchester Dental Specialist Centre

Samantha Henly

GDC - 134767 Foundation Degree in Oral Health Science University of Essex 2017 Hygienist

Samantha Henly is a dental hygienist currently providing treatments and advice at Colchester Dental Specialist Centre.

Training and qualifications

Samantha began her career in dentistry at the tender age of 16 in her home county of Somerset. Within a matter of days, she had fallen in love with dentistry and knew that her future lay in this industry.

Samantha began working in community dental wherein she treated a wide variety of patients ranging from prisoners to end of life care patients, young children and those in domiciliary care. Her treatments included offering general anaesthesia and helping extremely anxious patients, and these experiences encouraged Samantha to continue pursuing her passion for dentistry with an understanding and empathic approach.

Samantha graduated with distinction from the University of Essex and went on to work in several clinics locally and further afield.

Treatments offered

Samantha discovered her enthusiasm for treating severe cases of periodontal disease alongside periodontists and gained a deep understanding of helping patients with specific dental hygiene needs.

Using the skills she gained from working in the community, Samantha feels confident in treating nervous and anxious patients, being able to take them through each treatment step by step.

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