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Referrals at Dental Excellence Harewood

Referrals at Dental Excellence Harewood: Your patients, our expertise

At Dental Excellence Harewood, we understand that you may need to refer patients for complex aspects of dental treatment. Our practice offers multi-disciplinary care and we have experienced clinicians in a range of dental specialties including endodontics, periodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics and oral surgery.

Our paediatrics specialist Mamdouh Al Chihabi is also accepting referrals for paediatric dentistry and treating children with complex dental needs, including management of dental trauma and restorative dentistry for children.

Our commitment to referring dentists

It’s important to us that our referring dentists are happy with the quality of our clinical expertise and the level of care we provide. We’ll only carry out treatment as agreed by you.

We always provide your patient with an initial consultation and full written treatment plan, and we’ll provide you with a copy too. No treatment is carried out without an estimate of fees given to the patient.

If you’d like further information deciding whether our referral service is right for you and your patients, please get in touch.

Referrals for dental implant treatment

‘Our practice offers multi-disciplinary care and we have the knowledge and the combined experience so we can really treat any case at all’

Mark Willings, clinician and founder of Dental Excellence Harewood

Why should you refer your patients to us?

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

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