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Mattias Billing

GDC - 74007 Tandläkare Gothenburg 1997 Dentist

Mattias has worked in general practice for over 20 years and has a strong interest in oral medicine and TMJ/TMD, and their various symptoms.

In 2003, Mattias began running his own private restorative dentistry practice in Weybridge, Surrey. He later worked in Stockholm, Sweden, from 2012 to 2019 where he diagnosed and treated TMJ problems and tinnitus within a specialist multidisciplinary referral practice.

Mattias has a strong interest in treating patients with worn teeth and an uncomfortable bite. He is also passionate about the repair, replacement and restoration of previous dental work.

He works within a team that includes physiotherapists, chiropractors and laser therapists as well as specialists in orthodontics and restorative dentistry in order to give patients a comprehensive care program.

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