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Dentist referrals at Lister House Dental and Specialist Centre

At Lister House Dental and Specialist Centre, a Platinum practice, we provide high quality dental care and specialist treatments for patients in Central London and the surrounding areas. With a team of highly experienced clinicians, we’re able to offer a range of referral services.

We are currently accepting referrals from dentists for restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and endodontics (root canal treatments), and we take great pride in our ability to offer consistently excellent dental care from our beautiful practice near Marylebone and Harley Street. We’ll ensure that every patient referred to our team is comfortable, well-informed and satisfied with their treatment journey at every stage.

Our team of clinicians, dentists, nurses and hygienists work alongside one another to make sure every patient benefits from the treatments they’ve been referred for, and that we can improve their oral health, confidence and wellbeing with lasting results. In doing so, we’ve garnered a strong reputation for referral cases, and it’s a reputation we strive to uphold without exception.

The utmost in excellence for every referral

When a patient is referred to Lister House Dental and Specialist Centre, we work tirelessly to maintain the high standard of care, treatment and results you’d expect from a Platinum practice. Key to our ethos is to keep you informed of your patient’s progress, meaning a collaborative approach is provided from start to finish.

Once your referral request has been received, we’ll reach out to your patient to arrange an in-person consultation with a clinician at Lister House. A tailor-made treatment plan will be produced, and then we’ll carry out the necessary treatment or treatments before returning the patient to your care.

Interested in referring a patient to Lister House Dental and Specialist Centre? Simply get in touch with our committed referrals team. One of our experienced referrals team members will take you through our referral process, and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have at this point or at any time while we treat your patient.

Why should you refer your patients to us?

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