Minto Dental Care and Implant Centre

Emma Hutchison

GDC - 5896 Diploma in Dental Hygiene 2001 Dental Hygienist

Emma is an ex-RAF dental hygienist with over 20 years’ experience. She obtained the highest marks in the UK for Certificate in Diet and Nutrition and was awarded the Thomas Latimer Award. With the Department of Health, she received the Academic Achievement award from the Defence Dental Agency for her Diploma in Dental.

Emma invests in her personal development and regularly attends symposiums and meetings to keep herself up to date with the latest guidance.

Emma has written articles relating to her profession for CPD magazines. She also acts as the chairperson for the BSDHT.

  • “3 to the Power of 1”, The Probe magazine (2003)
  • “Beware the Lollipop”, CPD featured article, FMC Dentistry magazine (2017)
  • “Managing Empathy”, BSDHT Dental Health magazine (2020)
  • “Getting Creative for Patients”, TePe UK Connect online (2020)

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