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Sumithra Hewage

GDC - 55794 MOrth Royal College of Surgeons Of England 1991 DOrth Royal College of Surgeons Of England 1986 FDS Royal College of Surgeons Of England 1983 Statutory Exam 1981 Orthodontist

Sumithra is experienced in providing a range of orthodontic techniques and managing complex malocclusions (bite concerns). She has a keen interest in facial aesthetics and dentofacial orthopaedics.

Sumithra began her orthodontic career as a clinical lecturer at the Royal Liverpool University Dental Hospital, where she also completed her postgraduate training. She relocated to Aberdeen to work as a consultant orthodontist, before spending nearly 14 years in the same position in a London hospital, involving training specialist orthodontists. She later returned to Scotland, to offer private practice in Grampian as well as working as a consultant orthodontist in the Scottish Highlands and Shetland Islands.

During her career, Sumithra has lectured at national and international meetings and aims to keep fully informed of orthodontic developments.

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