Dental implants: Patient stories

Dental implants are a discreet, long-lasting way to restore your smile. We understand that the thought of having an implant placed can be daunting, and you may want a little reassurance. Here are some stories from real-life patients who have chosen to restore their smile with dental implants at Bupa Dental Care.

Case studies

We’re passionate about helping patients achieve a smile they’re proud of. Read and watch case studies from patients at some of our dental practices across the UK.

Siobhan’s implant journey

Siobhan, a teacher from Southampton, had smile in a day treatment at Dental Confidence, where dentist Peter Sanders fitted her full upper arch of teeth in a single appointment.

Speaking about her treatment, Siobhan said, “I would often hide my smile with closed lips or laugh with my hand in front of my face. Suddenly I didn’t need to, and so this was a massive confidence boost for me.”

Gappy, unhealthy, protruding teeth before smile in a day treatment at Dental Confidence, part of BupaStraight, bright teeth following smile in a day treatment by Peter Sanders at Dental Confidence, part of Bupa

Result in before and after photo achieved with full arch smile in a day treatment performed at Dental Confidence, part of Bupa, by Peter Sanders.

Laura’s implant story

Laura, a patient at Dental Confidence in Southampton, needed to rectify an issue with two implants she’d had placed previously. Talking about her treatment, Laura said, “Since having implants at Dental Confidence, I feel like I have proper, solid teeth. I’m now so much more confident, I smile properly in pictures, and feel differently about everything. It’s the nicest feeling.”

Before and afters

We see patients at Bupa Dental Care with a range of different needs, from those who have a single implant placed, to people who need more complex restorations. See how we transformed some of our patients’ smiles below.

This result was created by dentist Tim Doswell at The Raglan Suite using a fixed implant bridge to replace multiple missing and broken teeth.

This result was achieved with single arch smile in a day treatment performed at Minto Dental Care by Chris Chisholm.

This result was created by dentist Tim Doswell at The Raglan Suite, by performing a front tooth root extraction, followed by a dental implant (placed the same day as extraction).

What our patients say about dental implant treatment at Bupa

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1 - LaingBuisson, Dentistry UK Market Report, 5th ed. If you require verification please email

2- Correct as of April 2021