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Are there any natural remedies for bad breath?

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There are many simple and natural remedies for bad breath which can become part of your daily oral health routine.

While these may not address the root cause of mouth odour, they can help boost your confidence or provide short-term fixes when necessary.

Natural remedies and temporary fixes for bad breath should not replace a consistent dental health routine, and those with long-term bad breath issues should remember to visit a dentist or dental hygienist regularly, or consult a medical practitioner.

Here are some approaches for tackling bad breath you can try.

Simple approaches for tackling bad breath

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How can I tell if I have bad breath?

There’s no single type of bad breath odour, and the way your breath smells often depends on the cause of your halitosis, as well as other factors including food and lifestyle habits.

Some people overly worry about their breath, despite having little or no reason to. Other people have bad breath and seem completely oblivious to it. Just like with other types of body odour, it’s sometimes difficult to assess how your own breath smells. If you’re concerned about having bad breath, ask a trusted relative or (very) close friend to give you an honest response, or think carefully about whether your oral health routine is being maintained correctly.

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Dental health and oral hygiene are central to overall well-being. Symptoms like bad breath may signal deeper issues with your teeth, gums and mouth.


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