Mouth guards

Mouth guards are devices worn over your teeth to protect them from injury. Bupa Dental Care provides custom-made mouth guards for sports and conditions such as sleep apnoea, snoring and teeth grinding.

There are many different types of mouth guards; you can buy some in sports shops or chemists, or you can purchase a bespoke mouth guard from your dentist. Bespoke mouth guards are custom-made to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly, so they offer the best possible comfort and protection. They’re made of stronger materials and usually last longer than over-the-counter varieties.

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Mouth guards for sleep apnoea and snoring

Custom mouth guards for snoring and sleep apnoea (when your breathing starts and stops during sleep) are designed to keep your airways open while you sleep. They have hinges that move the lower jaw forward, preventing it from dropping back and closing your airways. They look similar to sports guards and fit snugly over the upper and lower teeth.

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Sports mouth guards

In many contact sports such as boxing, rugby and hockey, injury can be prevented through the use of fitted mouth guards, also known as gumshields.

Custom-made mouth guards are ideal for contact sports as they’re designed to fit your mouth exactly and offer a more secure fit, so they’re less likely to fall out after direct blows. They also won’t stop you from breathing easily and speaking clearly.

Sports guards can often be personalised with colours of your choice, to match your personality, style or the team you support.

If you’re interested in a mouth guard to protect your smile, contact your nearest practice to book an appointment.

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How is a custom mouth guard made?

Here’s what’s involved in producing a custom-made mouth guard:

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If you’re interested in a mouth guard and would like to find out more, contact your nearest Bupa Dental Care practice to book an appointment.

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