How to fix a Gummy Smile

Gummy smile - or excessive gingival display - is a common condition which causes too much gum tissue to show above your upper set of teeth when you smile.

What is a gummy smile?

Some people are self-conscious about their gummy smile, and will be pleased to learn that this condition can be fixed with a range of different treatments.

Excessive gingival display can be caused by a number of different factors. Once the source of the issue is identified, our orthodontists can recommend treatments and take action to restore your confident smile.

Many patients are surprised to discover that gummy smile isn’t a singular condition - it’s a symptom of various irregularities, and caused by several different and often coexisting factors. In fact, the presence and severity of a gummy smile depends upon the perception of the individual.

For many people, a gummy smile is a cause of reduced confidence in their appearance, and most patients that seek advice and treatment for the condition do so for aesthetic reasons.

Different people have different ideas of how much gingival display constitutes a gummy smile, and there have been numerous studies of the gum to try and determine how much visible gum is ‘too much’.

Dental professionals found that smiles showing more than three millimetres of gum tissue were perceived as ‘gummy’. The condition is twice as common among women than men, with approximately 10%1 of people experiencing excessive gingival display in their lifetime


What is the best treatment for gummy smile?

The right approach for correcting a gummy smile will depend on why excessive gingival display has happened. Your dentist will be able to offer advice during your appointment, recommending a course of treatment to restore your confident smile. Contact a local Bupa dentist to find out more.

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