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Dental implants - a long-lasting solution

We offer single, multiple and full arch implant treatment to replace missing teeth. Learn more about our services.

Dental implant placement from your Woking team

Our practice in Woking has been placing dental implants for over 20 years. Our caring and experienced team can help you restore missing teeth.

We provide a full range of implant dentistry, so whether you’re looking to replace one tooth or several, we can help. This includes full-arch restorations for those looking for a more extensive, full-mouth solution.

Meet our dedicated implant team

Our implant dentist, Ricardo, is experienced in placing dental implants and has a master’s degree in Advanced Oral Implantology. He’s been focusing solely on placing implants since 2010.

Ricardo is supported by our professional team of nurses, and our treatment coordinator who will be there for you throughout your treatment. She’s available three days per week to answer any questions you have or provide guidance and reassurance for all things implant-related.

Supporting treatments

As well as placing implants, we’re also experienced in providing the supporting treatments that can be needed before you have implants placed. These include procedures such as bone grafting, sinus lifts and soft tissue grafting.

We’re underpinned by the modern technology we have on-site, which includes a CBCT scanner to check your suitability for implants and determine where your implants should be placed.

Dental implants from £2,400

At our practice, we offer a single dental implant from £2,400, including a free* initial phone consultation with an experienced enquiry coordinator. If you’re interested in having implants, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Implant procedure

Learn about the step-by-step treatment process for having dental implants, from your initial consultation right through to aftercare.

No, orthodontics for adults is becoming more and more common. We can talk through your options with you.

We do understand that some people really struggle with dental treatment. But we have lots of ways to help put you at ease. Please just tell us how you feel and what worries you, and then we can work together to decide on the right approach.

Generally we recommend twice yearly check-ups every six months. However, this varies on a case by case basis. Your Bupa Dental Care dentist will talk to you about when and how often we need to see you.

Fillings repair small holes in your tooth enamel. If they aren’t filled, the decay will deepen. You’ll start to feel pain, and you could end up needing root canal treatment, which is much more significant and costs more. So although you might not feel pain right now, it’s best to repair these holes as soon as possible.

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Terms and conditions: 1. £2,400 price point includes the cost of a single implant, abutment and screw retained porcelain crown. 2. A COVID-19 safety tariff may apply. 3. Prices and options may vary depending on location and suitability. 4. Starting prices available on request at your local practice. 5. Patients must be aged 18 or over.

*1. Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Subsequent clinical examinations and diagnostic tests required, and any associated costs will be discussed prior to treatment commencing. 2. Consultations subject to availability.

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

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