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No, orthodontics for adults is becoming more and more common. We can talk through your options with you.

Whitening can be an important part of a smile makeover. We always check the suitability of your teeth, as it may not be recommended for some patients with high sensitivity. It’s important to know that we may not be able to treat all of your teeth: whitening can’t alter the colour of fillings, crowns, veneers, for example. Your dentist can explain and suggest any options open to you.

Yes, we try our best to accommodate all emergency appointments, however they are subject to availability, so please contact your local practice for details.

We understand that some people struggle with dental treatment, so we have lots of ways to help put you at ease. Please just tell us how you feel and what worries you, and then we can work together to decide on the right approach.

Nowadays, your dentist doesn’t necessarily have to refer you before you can see a hygienist, so please ask. But do remember to keep seeing your dentist for regular check-ups, as well.

We may be able to arrange a finance plan. Please contact your local practice for further information.

Yes, the majority of our practices are self-referral, which means you can get in touch with your local practice, register directly and book an appointment. We have a small number of specialist practices, which require a dentist referral.

Many of our practices offer extended opening times, including evening and weekend appointments. Get in touch with your local practice to check availability.

You can get in touch at any time to enquire about availability. You can pop in, call us or if you're a new patient, check our online availability.

Generally, we recommend regular check-ups. However, the intervals vary on a case by case basis. Your Bupa Dental Care dentist will talk to you about when and how often we need to see you.

Fillings repair small holes in your tooth enamel. If they aren’t filled, the decay will deepen. You’ll start to feel pain, and you could end up needing root canal treatment, which is much more significant and costs more. So although you might not feel pain right now, it’s best to repair these holes as soon as possible.

Veneers and crowns are similar in that they can be made from porcelain or ceramic and can be colour matched to your own teeth. However, a veneer is a very thin layer which is bonded to the front of your tooth, whereas a crown covers the entire tooth. You may need a crown because of the amount of damage or discolouration. Your dentist can advise you on the right course of action for your bespoke needs.

Your teeth can start to slowly move back to where they were before, so we recommend carefully following the advice of your dentist in order to maintain the new position of your teeth.

No, Bupa Dental Care practices are open to everyone. If you do have Bupa dental insurance, at selected practices we can guide you through how to claim.

First, please check that our practice offers the services you’re looking for, then simply use the referral form on our contact page. Do feel free to give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for.

Patient care is always our highest priority and we expect every part of your experience with Bupa Dental Care to reflect our high-standards of customer care. If we have not met your expectations, please visit our patient complaints page for more information on how to register your complaint.

You should complete the Patient Record Transfer Request Form and submit the form to [email protected].

You can complete this Subject Access Request (SAR) form and submit the form to [email protected], or email [email protected] directly with your details.

Bupa remains fully committed to the UK dental market and provision of quality NHS and private services.
If you have questions about patient finance, please visit patient finance page for more information

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

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