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Before and afters

Before and afters from Colchester Dental Specialist Centre

At Colchester Dental Specialist Centre, we have several specialist clinicians who accept referrals for a range of treatments including teeth straightening, composite bonding and endodontic treatments. We also accept self-referrals for patients who haven’t been referred by a dentist but would still like to visit us, please get in touch and we can talk you through the treatments and services we have available.

If your patient is looking to straighten their teeth, fix any chips or broken teeth, reduce gaps or tweak any other parts of their smile, or you’d like to learn more about our self-referral services, speak to our team. See how we transformed some of our patients’ smiles below.

Patient Catherine was referred to our practice after a fall had knocked her tooth out. She received endodontic (root canal) treatment from Noman before our specialist orthodontist Jay used fixed braces to create space. As the teeth moved, he built up the teeth using composite bonding to create a confident new smile for Catherine.

Wendy was unhappy with the crowding and unevenness of her teeth and suffered from previous gum disease. Dentist Jay removed one of the lower teeth and used fixed braces and composite bonding to improve the patients’ smile.

Dentist Jay used fixed braces to achieve the below results for patient Cathy.

Have a patient you would like to refer to us?

Our practice accepts referrals for a range of treatments including dental implants, root canal treatment, orthodontics including Invisalign treatment and cosmetic smile makeovers. If you have a patient you would like to refer to us, please get in touch.

If you would like to visit our practice but haven’t been referred by a dentist, please get in touch to find out more about the self-referral treatments we offer.

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

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