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Thayer Street: the home of dental implants in Marylebone

Missing teeth don’t just affect your ability to eat the foods you love. They can affect your confidence and lead to further dental health issues, too.

For patients with missing teeth in West London and the wider London area, our clinicians have the skills and experience in placing dental implants you need for a confident, healthier and restored smile. With results that can last a lifetime, our strong, reliable bespoke dental implants can make a significant difference to each and every day.

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Dental implants in West London

A discreet, long-lasting solution, dental implants are placed directly within the jawbone, and replace the root of your missing tooth. While roots support natural teeth, dental implants are used to support a crown or denture (a false tooth).

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Function: Helping improve your tooth function, dental implants provide you more freedom to enjoy foods that may have previously caused problems
  • Appearance: Our custom-made approach helps achieve a more natural implant appearance, matching your existing smile
  • Security: An implant replaces your tooth’s root, creating a secure base
  • Preservation: This root replacement helps preserve your jawbone, which may otherwise begin to shrink, causing changes in your facial structure
  • Strength: The implant root is made from titanium, providing strength and stability

    What happens when I get dental implants at Thayer Street Dental Centre?

    If you decide to have dental implants fitted at Thayer Street Dental Centre, rest assured you’re in the best hands. Your patient journey will begin with a consultation with one of our experienced implant dentists. They may take X-rays or other scans to assess whether you’re suitable for dental implants.

    Your dentist will then discuss your individual treatment plan, and you will be provided with a quote for your treatment. The dental implant procedure is often performed under local anaesthetic and usually involves two separate procedures. For more information on each stage involved please see our dental implant procedure page.

    Enquire about dental implants in London

    If you are interested in getting dental implant treatment in Marylebone or the surrounding London area, please get in touch via our interactive enquiry tool below. A member of our friendly team will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

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    Step 1

    Select your affected teeth

    Please click on the teeth where you are considering dental implants, using the options below:

    Click once for missing tooth

    Click twice for loose or failing tooth

    Click three times for a broken tooth


    = Missing tooth

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    = Broken tooth

    Dental arch image All Top Teeth All Bottom Teeth Back Upper Left Third Molar/Wisdom Teeth Back Upper Left Second Molar Back Upper Left First Molar Back Upper Left Second PreMolar Back Upper Left First PreMolar Front Upper Left Cuspid Front Upper Left Lateral Incisor Front Upper Left Central Incisor Front Upper Right Central Incisor Front Upper Right Lateral Incisor Front Upper Right Cuspid Back Upper Right First PreMolar Back Upper Right Second PreMolar Back Upper Right First Molar Back Upper Right Second Molar Back Upper Right Third Molar/Wisdom Teeth Back Lower Left Third Molar/Wisdom Teeth Back Lower Left Second Molar Back Lower Left First Molar Back Lower Left Second PreMolar Back Lower Left First PreMolar Front Lower Left Cuspid Front Lower Left Lateral Incisor Front Lower Left Central Incisor Front Lower Right Central Incisor Front Lower Right Lateral Incisor Front Lower Right Cuspid Back Lower Right First PreMolar Back Lower Right Second PreMolar Back Lower Right First Molar Back Lower Right Second Molar Back Lower Right Third Molar/Wisdom Teeth implant teeth implant tooth tooth to click
    You must not select more than 22 teeth. If you are missing more than 22 teeth please let us know in the Additional comments section.
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