Dental implants at Dental Confidence: Laura’s story

Dental implants at Dental Confidence: Laura’s story

As the lead dentist at Dental Confidence, Dr Peter Sanders has been placing dental implants for over 24 years. His experience in implant dentistry means he often sees patients who are experiencing complications or problems with dental implants.

Speaking about the practice, Peter explained, “I’m passionate about helping people and want to make sure all of our patients get the best outcome, and the correct treatment to suits their needs. Our ethos at Dental Confidence has always been about doing the right thing for the patient.”

Laura Mead, based in Southampton, is a patient who approached Peter Sanders for his help in rectifying a long-term issue she was experiencing.

Peter Sanders- Lead Dentist at Dental Confidence

Laura’s experience at Dental Confidence

Laura previously had several issues with her teeth due to a condition that means some of her permanent teeth didn’t develop. Because the two teeth next to her front teeth (also known as lateral incisors) were her remaining baby teeth, they had come loose, which became problematic in her adult life. Laura knew these teeth eventually had to be removed, but she didn’t want to be left with gaps in her mouth and knew that bridges or dentures weren’t right for her.

Because the dental issue was related to a condition Laura was born with, she was able to have dental implants through the NHS. However, after having them placed, Laura discovered one implant wasn’t healing and needed urgent medical attention.

“I was actually in excruciating pain with one of the implants, after only a week of having it put in. I was in so much pain, I could barely lift my head off of the pillow,” explained Laura.

It was then that Laura visited a friend who worked as a dentist, who advised that she needed to see an implant dentist as soon as possible. Laura’s friend recommended Peter Sanders, where he had sent his own patients for implant treatment, and so she made an appointment at Dental Confidence.

Laura confirmed, “When Dr Sanders saw the implants, he immediately knew they had to be taken out. It turned out that both implants were infected and I needed a bone graft to properly go ahead with the treatment. I had seen other dental implant surgeons for consultations before this, but I felt immediately comfortable with Peter and Dental Confidence. I am a firm believer that if someone is going to be working in my mouth, I need to feel completely at ease- and I got a really good feeling from Dr Sanders and his team.

“He also made it very clear when describing what was going to happen and when. With others, I found it difficult to pinpoint exactly what was going to happen. They were vague and gave no real timescale. Peter sat me down and took me through everything. He explained that I needed a bone graft, what was going to happen, how and when, and so I was fine with it. He was very relaxed and put no pressure on me.

“The whole team looked after me so well and were always asking if I needed anything or wanted a break during the treatment, and if I was ok. I felt so looked after. They even began to recognise my voice on the phone! Peter’s nurse Tracey was so lovely and easy to talk to if there was anything I didn’t know about; she would explain everything.”

Laura’s dental problems had been going on since 2018. For a long period of this time, she’d been wearing a denture plate.

Laura added, “When the implants were fitted… well, the impact was enormous. It wasn’t until Dr Sanders fitted the final implants that I realised how traumatic everything had been. I hadn’t realised how damaging this had been to my mental health. I felt like an 80-year-old woman taking her teeth out every night, and after I took the plate out, I wouldn’t speak to my husband, I’d go to straight bed. I wouldn’t go out for meals- I didn’t realise the impact it was having and how the whole thing had been messing with my head.

“Since having implants at Dental Confidence, I feel like I have proper, solid teeth. I’m now so much more confident, I smile properly in pictures, and feel differently about everything. It’s the nicest feeling. I know it sounds silly- but those three years were quite traumatic, and so it was a huge relief to have that trauma taken away by Dr Sanders and his team at Dental Confidence and to put it all to bed.”

Interested in dental implants?

If you’re interested in dental implants at Dental Confidence or have a problem with previous implants or other restorative treatments, get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help you and talk you through your options.

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