Smile in a day- Siobhan’s story

Smile in a day- Siobhan’s story

Dental Confidence in Southampton has been fitting dental implants for over a decade. Peter Sanders, Lead Dentist at the practice, explained, “We provide the whole range of implant dentistry, from simple treatments through to more complex ones, including ‘smile in a day’ treatment. This means teeth can be completely restored with dental implants in just one day.

“I’m passionate about dentistry and love helping people get their smile and confidence back. When patients see the end result it can be quite emotional for us all.” Siobhan Brennan, a teacher from Southampton, is just one of the many patients who has had her smile transformed by Peter Sanders, using the smile in a day technique, at the practice.

Having suffered from gum disease for over five years, most of Siobhan’s upper teeth had become very loose. This looseness, and the loss of some back teeth, caused movement which had created gaps over time. Siobhan had become very conscious of her smile.

She also suffered from extreme sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods, which was painful and restricted what she could eat. She’d lost so many back teeth it meant that certain foods, like meat, were difficult to eat as she was only able to chew small amounts using her front teeth.

The image above shows Siobhan’s smile before and after treatment at Dental Confidence. Peter Sanders created this result using ‘smile in a day’ treatment to replace Siobhan’s full upper arch of teeth in a single appointment.

Peter Sanders- Lead Dentist at Dental Confidence

Siobhan’s experience with smile in a day treatment

Siobhan visited her regular dentist and they discussed that implants might be a good solution for her. She went to see several implant dentists in the area for consultations but was impressed by the experience and reputation of Dr Peter Sanders, Lead Dentist at Dental Confidence.

Siobhan explained, “I read a lot of online reviews from Peter’s happy patients. He sounded like he really knew what he was doing, so I visited Dental Confidence.” During her visit, Peter explained how he could extract all Siobhan’s failing teeth and place implants in the entire upper arch, all in one single appointment.

Siobhan said, “I couldn’t believe it. Other implant dentists I visited had explained that I would need five implants that would be placed one-by-one, which would mean a series of appointments. I’m a teacher and I remember trying to imagine how I’d plan all of those appointments around term time, but with Peter this simply wasn’t an issue. He could place them in a day, which really appealed to me.

“There was also such clarity and transparency with Peter. He offered a fixed price with nothing hidden. The Dental Confidence practice is wonderful. The staff were caring and make you feel very valued. The procedure itself was straightforward and entirely painless.

“I left Dental Confidence with my new teeth and immediately realised how much I’d previously compensated. Because the gaps in my teeth had got bigger, I would often hide my smile with closed lips or laugh with my hand in front of my face. Suddenly I didn’t need to, and so this was a massive confidence boost for me. I’m so delighted.

“I no longer worry what people might think if they see my teeth, and I laugh freely. I hadn’t had ice cream in years, now I’m enjoying it again! Having dental implants has given me such freedom.

“When I first spoke to Peter, he told me that having implants could be life-changing and inside I wondered how. But he was right. It really has changed my life.”

Interested in smile in a day treatment?

If you’re interested in getting smile in a day treatment, or any other type of dental implant treatment, get in touch with Dental Confidence to book a consultation. The team will be happy to help you.

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