Nikki’s story: Dental implants

Peter Sanders, lead dentist at Dental Confidence, has been placing dental implants for decades. He often sees patients who have severe dental problems and need all their teeth restored or replaced.

Speaking about implants, Peter explained, “What we provide at Dental Confidence is the whole range of implant dentistry, including advanced implant procedures where patients need all their teeth replaced or restored. Having implants really is about giving people back the confidence that missing teeth can take away. That’s what we’re really passionate about here at Dental Confidence.”

Dental Confidence patient, Nikki Mintrum, showing off her new bright, white smile.

After suffering from gum disease, Dental Confidence patient, Nikki Mintrum, had experienced various problems including tooth loss and unstable teeth. With visits to her regular dentist sometimes as often as monthly, Nikki’s dental health was having a negative impact on her life. She was unable to eat properly, and her missing and failing teeth meant she was increasingly worried about smiling and eating in public.

Eventually, Nikki’s regular dentist explained that there was little else they could do for her, and they mentioned Dental Confidence to her as an option if she was considering dental implants.

Speaking about choosing the treatment, Nikki explained, “All of my existing teeth needed to be extracted and replaced with implants, so I decided to assess implant dentists in other countries, to save costs.

“I visited Turkey and Spain, which were cheaper options- but there were many other things I needed to consider before I committed. For example, getting to and from these countries would be difficult and time consuming and the cost of travel and accommodation wasn’t cheap. Also, being a patient in a different country was quite daunting. When I visited them, there was a huge language barrier which also worried me. I was also unsure about what I would do if there were any complications when I returned home, how I would have regular check-ups. I certainly didn’t want to fly back there with tooth problems, should they later occur.”

After reconsidering treatment with a UK based dentist, Nikki continued to research implant dentists online and kept coming back to Dr Peter Sanders and Dental Confidence- so she decided to call.

Speaking about her first encounter with the practice, Nikki said, “I rang Dental Confidence, and from the moment I spoke to someone at the reception, I felt comfortable. I was impressed with their way. Having had small businesses, I know the importance of first impressions. The staff on the front desk at Dental Confidence were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful- and that is so important.”

“When I visited the practice, I learnt that the rest of the team were also amazing. They all immediately made me feel so comfortable, and when I met Peter, I was super impressed. I’m actually terrified of dentists, but he was so great with me, he is fantastic and so supportive with nervous patients. Peter and his team pay attention to every detail – you can tell he is a perfectionist in every way.

“After having the treatment – I couldn’t believe it. I had a full mouth extraction and left the practice with completely new teeth that day. And I never experienced any pain- now that is quite incredible coming from someone who cannot bear having an injection!

“Having implants has been life changing- I can eat and drink normally again and have the things I have really missed. If I am honest, I had forgotten what it was like - just to function normally. I didn’t realise how much implants would boost my confidence. I couldn’t recommend Dental Confidence more.”

Interested in dental implants?

If you’re interested in dental implants at Dental Confidence or have considered going abroad for treatment and want to talk through your options, we’ll be more than happy to help you. Just get in touch with our friendly reception team.

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