Implants vs dentures

Implants and dentures are both common solutions for replacing missing teeth. Before you have any treatment, you’ll need a clinical assessment with your dentist where they’ll assess your mouth and talk you through your options. Here are some of the key differences between implants and dentures.

Treatment differences

A dental implant consists of a titanium screw that’s fixed into your jawbone. A replacement tooth, also known as a crown, is then placed on top.

Dentures are removable plastic or metal frameworks that carry multiple false teeth. Depending on how many teeth you are missing, you might need full or partial dentures. It’s also possible to have implant-supported dentures, where dentures ‘clip on’ to dental implants.

Your dentist will talk you through all your options when you see them for an initial consultation.

Look, feel and functionality

A denture is made up of a base or plate which is moulded to sit over your gums. This is usually made of plastic or sometimes metal. This carries a set of teeth that are crafted to look natural.

A denture can take some time to get used to. You’ll need to practice chewing and speaking out loud once you get your dentures to help you adjust. After a couple of months, they’ll feel more natural.

As an implant is fixed into your jawbone, it feels like a real tooth and it won’t impact your speech. You’ll be able to eat normally once the implant has healed just as you would with your natural teeth. An implant will also remain strong and secure as you age, preventing bone loss which can impact your face shape over time.

Interested in dental implants?

If you’re interested in dental implants as a solution for replacing missing teeth, get in touch with your local practice providing implants. We’ll talk you through all your options.

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