A straighter smile for Jennifer’s wedding day

Dental Confidence has been offering a range of private treatments, including dental implants, orthodontics, periodontal services and cosmetic dentistry to the Southampton community for over two decades.

This year, the team is expanding to bring more experienced clinicians onboard, allowing Dental Confidence to offer an even wider range of treatment options.

Jennifer at the altar

A straighter smile for Jennifer’s wedding day

Colchester Dental Specialist Centre was established over 20 years ago and provides a wide range of services, including orthodontic treatment.

Kristyna Dronfield, Practice Manager explained, “Our ethos at the practice are always about putting our patients first. We have a number of dental specialists all working under one roof to provide good treatment outcomes for our patients. Seeing a patient’s confidence increase is the best part about working in dentistry.”

Jennifer Souraya, based near Colchester, had always wanted a straighter smile and, with her wedding day approaching, she finally went for it. Her general dentist referred her to the Colchester practice where specialist orthodontist, Jay Patel, advised fixed braces.

She began treatment with ceramic fixed braces nine months before the big day. Her braces were temporarily removed for the wedding day and she's now in the final stages of treatment.

Jennifer shares her experience with braces and her thoughts on the results.

Jennifer and her husband

Why did you decide to straighten your smile?

For as long as I can remember, I’d always hated my teeth. The front two stuck out and whenever I looked in the mirror, they were always noticeable to me and presumably to everyone else. Until Ollie proposed, I just put up with them, but when I thought about all the photos that would be taken of us on our wedding day, I decided to do something about them.

How was your experience with the practice?

As soon as I attended Colchester Dental Specialist Centre, I felt comfortable, all the staff were so friendly and Jay himself was brilliant. I was pleased with my dentist's referral to the practice because they were so relaxed, calm and understanding. Jay and his team told me everything I needed to know, they were so helpful and supportive, I went for it and I'm so pleased that I did.

How have you found your results so far?

I had my brace on for nine months ahead of my wedding day and in that time so much changed. My front teeth were straightened and their angle completely changed. My gaps were closed and my teeth really did look perfect. So much so that numerous people questioned why I was having the brace on again after the wedding!

I know there is still work to be done and by the actual end of my treatment the results will be even better, if that is possible! I’m so pleased I was able to have the treatment in time to make such a difference to my wedding and to have photos and memories I’m proud of, not embarrassed by.

Are you interested in orthodontics?

If you’re interested in straightening your smile, whether it’s something you’ve always considered or for a special occasion, get in touch with Colchester Dental Specialist Centre to discuss your options. The practice accepts self-referrals and will be happy to help you.

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