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The Parade Specialist Dental Centre wins gold for going green

Sustainability and eco-friendliness remain key topics of discussion in 2023. The more we learn about the importance of sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment, the more we understand that we all have a role to play in our planet’s future.

Making dentistry more sustainable is a challenge the whole industry must rise to. By reducing waste and cutting energy consumption and adopting a wide range of eco-conscious approaches in our practices, we’re doing our bit, for a greener, brighter and more sustainable future for all.

In this spirit, we’re delighted to share that The Parade Specialist Dental Centre, Cardiff, has received the Gold Award from the Greener Primary Care Wales Framework and Award Scheme. The award recognises the fantastic efforts the Cardiff team has made to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Parade Specialist Dental Centre team

Sustainability in dentistry

In their centenary year, The Parade Specialist Dental Care was one of only eight businesses to receive a Gold Award as part of the Greener Primary Care Wales and NHS Wales initiative. The framework from Public Health Wales was designed to help businesses improve their sustainability credentials, through day-to-day changes that result in lasting benefits. Headed by eco-minded practice manager Stephanie, staff at The Parade worked hard to bring improvements to the practice.

Not only do the team feel pride in bringing a century of quality dental care to their community, they've also set their sights firmly on the future. Stephanie stated, “Throughout 2022 we made changes to the practice and ourselves to help our eco-footprint. In dentistry, becoming more eco-friendly presents many challenges. However, we’re working daily to make the changes that reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring a better future for our practice, our patients, and the world we share.”

She goes on to say that The Parade has “taken on the planet as our newest patient” and is committed to minimising the impact of healthcare on the world we share. It’s a commitment that reflects a wider shift in the healthcare industry, one which highlights the relatively small changes we should all be making to create a positive impact.

From reducing reliance on single-use plastics to improving energy efficiency and increasing recycling, Stephanie and her team lead by example in showing how dental practices can reach their sustainability goals.

Changes they have implemented include:

  • Offering check-up and hygiene appointments - as well as group and family bookings - on the same day, to reduce the need for additional travel.
  • Making full use of the practice’s on-site laboratory, meaning that samples and results don’t need to be transported elsewhere. Additionally, using a 3D scanner means that imagery can be sent electronically, further reducing the practice’s carbon footprint.
  • Dramatically reducing paper usage by using email and SMS for appointments and storing patients’ medical history.
  • No longer printing appointment cards and using a whiteboard for staff updates instead of printing them.
  • A greener future for dentistry and beyond

    As we’ve seen time and time again, making small everyday changes can result in significant transformations. Just as following the best oral health practices can lead to a healthier and happier smile, reducing waste and cutting carbon emissions can lead to a more ecological approach to dentistry.

    Sustainability matters to Bupa Dental Care, and our sustainable promises are helping us to seek ways to improve in this regard.

    The team at The Parade in Cardiff is helping us highlight the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly practices in dentistry, and we’re thrilled that their efforts have been recognised by the Greener Primary Care Wales Framework and Award Scheme.

    By taking action against waste, reducing our carbon footprint and following the best scientific and ecological advice, we can ensure the future of dentistry and healthcare is greener than ever.

    If you’re interested in knowing more about our sustainability efforts at the Parade, please get in touch.

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