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At Bupa Dental Care Summertown, we offer a range of treatments and services including Invisalign teeth straightening, teeth whitening and composite bonding. So, if you’re looking to reduce gaps, straighten your teeth or tweak any other parts of your smile, we can help. See how we transformed some of our patients’ smiles below.

Katerina used dental extractions with Invisalign treatment to straighten patient Katherine's smile.

Dentist Katerina achieved this result using Invisalign aligners to give patient Lauren a straighter smile with fewer gaps.

Dentist Katerina used Invisalign treatment to reduce gaps and straighten the smile of patient Nchimunya, who said:

“Invisalign has been one of the best decisions of my life. Post-treatment, I have gained so much confidence in my smile and my everyday life! Dr Katerina was such a blessing to work with for my treatment. She made me feel comfortable in every appointment and ensured I understood every part of the process. With my successful experience, I would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone wishing to improve their smile!”

Dentist Katerina used Invisalign aligners to create a more rounded and even smile for patient Niten, who said:

“Katerina completely transformed my smile from having a squared structure to a more rounded and even set of teeth. This has completely transformed my confidence and now I cannot stop smiling. Throughout the process, Katerina always made sure I was in the loop with every step we were going to take, and the regular check-ins enabled me to be happy with the final result. I would recommend her to all.”

Dentist Katerina used Invisalign Teen treatment with mandibular advancement, an appliance that advances the lower jaw and addresses increased overjet, to achieve the below results.

Katerina used a first course of Invisalign treatment to achieve this result for Sebastian, a young patient in the mixed dentition stage.

Patient Mary had some teeth extracted and Invisalign treatment to get the below results.

Patient had Invisalign Teen treatment to achieve the below results:

Katerina used a first course of Invisalign treatment to achieve this result for Henry, a young patient in the mixed dentition stage.

Dentist Katerina used Invisalign Teen treatment to straighten patient Desmond’s smile.

Interested in improving your smile?

If you’re looking to improve your smile, whether it’s a small cosmetic fix or something more substantial, we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss your treatment options and book a consultation.

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