Can you get dental implants on the NHS?

NHS dental treatment is available to provide dental care that keeps your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. Dental implants are only available on the NHS in very rare cases, but there are alternative options and private options that can give you back your smile if you have missing or failing teeth.

Who qualifies for NHS implants?

Dental implant treatment is only available on the NHS when there is a ‘significant medical need’ for an implant to be placed. You may qualify if:

  • You’ve lost a tooth following a bad accident or trauma
  • You’ve suffered from mouth cancer
  • You were born with a serious oral health problem
  • You need reconstructive surgery
  • You suffer from a severe medical condition which has caused missing teeth

How do I find out if I can have implants on the NHS?

Most people won’t be eligible to have dental implants through the NHS. If you think you may qualify, you should speak to your dentist. They will go through your medical history with you and do a clinical assessment, then let you know if you meet the criteria. They will also check that you’re suitable for dental implants.

If you meet the criteria, there will still be treatment costs to pay, but these are lower than private options. If you don’t qualify, you will need to pay for implant treatment privately, or you may be able to have another treatment through the NHS, such as dentures or bridges. Your dentist will take you through all the options that are open to you during your consultation.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are an investment in your smile. If you pay for treatment privately, it can be more expensive than other solutions for replacing teeth, but there are multiple benefits. Implants:

  • Are a discreet option that looks and feels like a natural tooth
  • Can last as long as natural teeth as long as they are cared for properly
  • Don’t affect adjoining teeth, keeping healthy teeth healthy
  • Improve your chewing function and speech
  • Are low maintenance and more comfortable than other solutions
  • Can help prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • Can support bridges for multiple missing teeth, and full-jaw bridgework if you have no natural teeth

Alternative options to dental implants

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth, or teeth, set between two crowns. These crowns are fixed to the teeth on one or both sides of your gap.

Dentures are removable false teeth. You might need complete dentures (a full set of teeth) or partial dentures (one or a number of replacement teeth).

Bridges and dentures don’t have the same lifespan as implants and may not be as discreet and comfortable as dental implants. In most cases, they are covered by the NHS.

Find a solution that’s right for you

Our dentists have experience helping people replace missing teeth using a range of treatments, including dental implants. They can help you choose the right solution for you. Find your nearest Bupa Dental Care implant dentist and make an appointment for a clinical assessment.

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Find out more about implants and bridges, as well as a comparison between implants and dentures.

Terms and conditions: 1. £1,995 price point includes the cost of a single implant, abutment and cement retained porcelain crown. 2. Prior to treatment commencing, patients need a clinical assessment to confirm their suitability for dental implant treatment. This is an additional charge of £125, which is redeemable if the patient goes ahead with treatment and is refunded on treatment completion. A COVID-19 safety tariff will apply. 3. Further costs will apply if following assessment further treatments or appointments are necessary in respect of your clinical suitability for an implant. 4. Patients must be aged 18 or over. 5. Appointments subject to availability. 6. Stated price is subject to review and may be amended at any time.

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