Introducing our ‘Back to normal’ campaign

15 September 2020

Back in January we launched our ‘Is it normal?’ campaign, which was designed to raise awareness of mental health conditions by breaking the stigma and starting a conversation.

Now, due to the effects of the pandemic, many of us are now experiencing a new normal. This new normal for many is having a significant impact on their mental health.

By asking the nation ‘What is normal now?’ we want to challenge the perception of what is considered to be ‘normal’ and in doing so, we aim to continue to reduce the stigma around seeking support for mental health.

Watch the ad

Useful links for your clients

Our campaign goes beyond a TV advert, alongside the ad we have a host of content available on our mental health hub, which gives practical advice, support and guidance to customers, and non-customers when they need it. The hub contains lots of information including videos that communicate the benefits of our value proposition.

Visit the mental health hub