Convalescent homes and postoperative care

Many of our nursing homes around the UK can provide short-term care if you’re recovering from an illness or operation. This is often referred to as convalescent care.

What is convalescent care?

Convalescent care is temporary care that provides extra support if you're recovering from an operation or illness. Our welcoming care homes offer a range of treatment and support according to your needs. During your recovery with us, we'll provide delicious meals, do your laundry and help with your personal care. We can even offer physiotherapy and nursing care - for example, if you need help with postoperative rehabilitation.

When you stay with us, we'll work together to create a care plan for regaining your independence. We'll listen to your current health needs and get a picture of your life before you came to our nursing home. By understanding your recovery goals, we can remove some of the strain of everyday life and get you safely back to feeling like yourself again.

Alternatively, browse by region to discover available care homes within a specific area.

Specialist care for post-operation and illness recovery

If you've just had an operation, or you've been ill and the effects are still lingering, it can be tricky to achieve a good recovery while still taking care of your day-to-day tasks. That's why we offer convalescent care in our care homes, giving you the opportunity to rest up, recuperate and recover. You won't need to worry about cooking, cleaning or personal care because we'll look after your needs while you're with us.

During recovery at a convalescent home, we'll monitor your progress and provide any further support you may need, such as specialist postoperative care. Together, we'll help you return to normal life - safely, and at a pace that's right for you.

When is convalescent care appropriate?

Are you usually able to care for yourself at home, but have recently had an operation or illness? Perhaps it's affected your confidence and your ability to do everyday tasks. If so, convalescent care with us offers the opportunity to rest and recover. We offer the peace of mind that you're not rushing back to everyday life too quickly, and your chances of future hospital readmission will be reduced.

Domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning demand strength and steadiness. If you're not feeling your best, our temporary care, support and monitoring will help you to recuperate and regain your abilities in your own time while we take care of the basics.

What support is available with convalescent care?

Our convalescent team is here to help you regain your strength after surgery or illness. You won't need to worry about looking after yourself at home - you can forget about cleaning, cooking or doing laundry for a while. We'll also support you with your personal care, from bathing to dressing.

Besides helping you with the basics, we can offer support from nurses, physiotherapists and dietitians. We'll work out personalised treatment plans that complement your health and independence goals.

In fact, our comfortable and friendly care home will take care of you from top to toe, around the clock, and it's all on-site and all included in the price.

Help with funding for convalescent care

We recommend speaking to your local authority to see if you're eligible for a personal budget, which can be put towards the cost of convalescent care after surgery or illness.

Usually, your local authority will suggest a convalescent home that falls within your personal budget. However, if you'd prefer to go to a home that costs more, you could top it up or a friend or family member could pay the remaining cost.

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