What is residential care?

Sometimes, it's just not possible to live safely in your own home any more. This could apply to you, or to a parent or loved one. Residential care provides assistance in a care home if you need extra support in your everyday life but don't need specialist care. For example, a residential care home helps with daily activity such as washing, dressing and mobility.

All of Bupa's residential care homes offer round-the-clock support in a caring and sociable environment. There's also a range of activities to enjoy, keeping you both mentally and physically stimulated.

A move into a residential care home is a big step, and deciding on the type of care can be tough – so we're here to help.

Alternatively, browse by region to discover available care homes within a specific area.

Get the support you need.

Whether it’s a helping hand when you need it or you’re finding it increasingly difficult to cope at home, our residential care homes can provide you with the level of support you need. Our care homes offer accommodation, meals and personal care, tailored to your individual tastes and needs.

When is residential care appropriate?

You might consider residential care if you or your loved one are struggling to live alone, even with the support of family and friends. For example, your surroundings may no longer be a suitable – perhaps if you re having some difficulties with your mobility. Or you may be struggling to shop and cook for yourself. A residential care home may also be suitable if family support is no longer available, or if your health has taken a turn for the worse.

Choosing residential care is a tough decision, so we'll be with you every step of the way. Our residential care homes provide a homely environment and our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

About our residential care homes

Each of our residential care homes is slightly different, with its own individual style. However, you can always expect to find the following:

  • Expert, personalised care and support, 24 hours a day.
  • Comfortable and homely accommodation.
  • Daily activities to keep you active and stimulate your body and mind.
  • Freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Laundry and cleaning services.

Our care homes offer you peace of mind. We provide the support needed to make everyday tasks manageable, in an enjoyable setting with lots to do and with people to talk to.

The people in our residential care homes

Our person-centered approach means you'll be treated respectfully and as an individual throughout your time with us. When you arrive, we'll work with you to create a personal care plan, tailored to your needs and wishes.

From care assistants to housekeepers, our residential homes have teams of skilled, experienced staff to look after our residents as well as every aspect of running the home around the clock.

We also have chefs in our residential care homes who will prepare fresh, tasty meals for you. When we create your tailored care plan we'll find out your favourite foods and check if you have any special dietary requirements.

Help with funding for residential care homes

If you're looking for residential care, you may be eligible for funding from your local authority. Our customer care team will help you work out if you could apply for residential care funding, or whether you will pay for your own care.

About funding for care

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