Nursing care homes

We offer both long- and short-term nursing care options. These may suit anyone who has health conditions that need 24-hour hands-on care.

Alternatively, browse by region to discover available care homes within a specific area.

Our nursing homes offer support whenever you need it

When a health problem requires round-the-clock care, you need the ongoing attention of nurses. Our nursing homes can provide 24-hour specialist nursing care for both the long term, such as with chronic or complex medical conditions, or the short term – perhaps bridging the time between coming out of hospital and feeling able to be independent at home again.

Residents get all the support they’d have in a residential care home, such as tasty, nutritious meals and help with personal care, but with the addition of nursing care as well.

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When is nursing care appropriate?

If you struggle significantly with everyday tasks or require regular medical care due to old age or a health condition, a nursing home can provide for your needs. If you don’t think you need this level of care, our residential care may be more suitable. Visit residential care our page to find out more.

Thinking about what type of care you need, and choosing the right care home, can be an emotional decision. However, our customer care team are here to support you. They’re available for a friendly chat to discuss your options and offer useful advice when it comes to the care types on offer from Bupa.

Nursing care

What to expect with nursing care

In our nursing care homes, you can expect the following:

  • 24-hour nursing care.
  • Attractive, comfortable accommodation.
  • Freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Laundry and cleaning services.
  • Long and short-stay nursing care options.
  • Nursing care for those funded by the local authority, private funding, or NHS continuing care.

Some of our care homes provide specialist nursing care for conditions such as dementia, Huntington’s disease, post-operative recovery and young physical disabilities.

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Our approach to nursing care

Our person-centered approach to nursing care means that you’ll be treated with respect and as an individual. All of our residents have their own personal care plan, which recognises their needs and wishes and enables us to tailor our care to their likes and dislikes.

We’ll also ask you, your family and your friends to help us create a plan called ‘My day, my life, my story’, which records your life’s journey so far. This helps us to get to know you, and the things that matter most to you, when you arrive.

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Help with care home funding

There are lots of funding options when it comes to paying for nursing care. For example, you may be eligible for funding support from your local authority, as well as additional types of funding such as attendance allowance and pension credit.

To help you work out how to pay for the cost of care, we’ve answered frequently asked questions about funding for care. Our customer care team are also happy to offer advice and explain your options to you.

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