Dementia care homes

We understand how worrying it can be when you or a loved one has dementia, as it’s hard to know what to expect. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

What is dementia care?

Dementia care offers specialist support to those living with dementia, at a point when standard nursing or residential care may not meet all of your loved one’s needs. Dementia is a set of symptoms rather than a single medical condition: these include problems with thinking, reasoning, learning, memory, language, and daily activities. These progress over time, so it becomes harder for those living with dementia to live independently.

At Bupa, we know that having to make decisions about your loved one going into a dementia care home can be very difficult. That’s why we’re here to offer you our full support.

Alternatively, browse by region to discover available care homes within a specific area.

Bupa dementia care homes across the UK

As a leading provider of dementia care, our care homes are focused on providing the very best support for all of our residents living with dementia.

Our priority is to see each of our residents as an individual and to treat them with respect, so they maintain their dignity. We help them to live life the way they want to, and to the fullest extent possible.

With the help of family and loved ones, we get to know our residents well, creating a picture of their life to date and making sure we tailor our care around their likes, dislikes and habits.

When is dementia care appropriate?

The later stages of dementia can be challenging for both the person living with the condition and those close to them. It can be hard to know when the time is right for a person with dementia to move into a care home – and who should make the decision, if the person can’t make it themselves. However, specialist dementia care can help to meet their needs as their condition progresses, and eases the burden and distress of those who’ve been caring for them.

If you’re looking for support for a loved one who’s living with dementia, our helpful customer care advisers offer free advice on anything from an understanding chat to finding just the right dementia care home.

Specialist dementia care homes for older people

If your loved one is struggling to live independently, or it’s becoming difficult to keep on top of their care needs, it might be time to consider a specialist dementia care home. Our 24-hour dementia care can ease the worry

Common types of dementia

Dementia describes a number of symptoms affecting the brain. This means that there are different types of dementia, and they require different types and levels of care.

What dementia care support is available?

Dementia care offers specialist support in meeting the needs of those living with dementia symptoms. However, good dementia care also provides support for their family and friends as they come to terms with their loved one’s condition.

At Bupa, our dementia care comes with a personalised care plan for each of our residents. We prioritise getting to know each resident and their relatives individually, so we can best support you all. We tailor our care around everything from the meals each resident most enjoys to the activities they like and their preferred bedtime routine.

Help with funding for dementia care

Understanding how to fund dementia care costs can be confusing. Our dementia care homes are available to everyone, so you don’t have to be a Bupa customer.

You might be eligible for financial support from your local authority. Our customer care team will talk you through your options for funding your loved one’s dementia care.

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