Care Home resident gives top marks to local primary school

Staff at the local Chilton Meadows Bupa Care Home, have helped a resident and retired teacher rekindle his passion for education by partnering with Wood Ley Primary school.

74-year-old Anthony Griffiths, or Nigel as he prefers to be called, is from Ruislip, Middlesex and worked as a history teacher throughout most of his life. He taught both locally and internationally, including Carshalton, Surrey, and even Malawi, Africa.

When the Activity Coordinator, Stacey Burch discovered his enthusiasm for his past career, she contacted the Stowmarket school to ask if he could help the children with their history work. The school were delighted to involve Nigel and provided him with some copies of the children’s work to mark right away.

When asked about his love for teaching, Nigel said: “During my years as a teacher I thoroughly enjoyed the response you get from the children. The children I taught in Africa were especially keen to learn and it made working a joy.

“Marking schoolwork again makes me very happy as it brings fond memories flooding back. Teaching is a truly rewarding job and marking makes my time feel worthwhile, knowing the children will get something out of it. It is great to have something useful to do.”

Nigel left teaching aged 40 and joined the civil service working in customs and excise until his retirement at 63. He moved to Chilton Meadows Bupa Care Home in December 2020, where he continues to read about history and castles every day. Nigel also enjoys building model railways and spending time with his fellow residents at the home.

Tania Thompson, Home Manager at Chilton Meadows Bupa Care Home, said: “We first discovered Nigel’s passion for teaching when he corrected Stacey whilst she was writing her activity log for the home. He told her all about how he used to love teaching children history.

“Stacey spoke to the local primary school to get some work to mark for him and set up a desk, complete with a classic red apple and stationery. Nigel began marking straight away when he saw the schoolwork. On the papers he wrote: ‘Well done, you’ve passed. Very good effort.’. You could tell how much he enjoyed the activity, which is why we will continue this partnership with the school.”

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