You don't need to face period problems alone

Even though a quarter of women in the UK experience menstrual related problems, only 1 in 20 speak to their doctor about heavy periods every year. We understand the importance of period health, that's why we're here to offer support, and listen, to everyone who experiences periods.

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Our Period Plan - your questions answered

Try these tips to help ease stomach pains before your appointment. Although it won't completely fix painful, heavy or irregular periods, it may help to manage your symptoms.

Gently massage your tummy or back
Light, circular massages may help to ease spasms in the womb. They can also increase blood flow to the uterus too.

Exercise regularly
Exercising can help relieve symptoms. Raising your legs or laying with bent knees can also help to relieve symptoms if you’re not able to exercise.

Apply warmth
Use a hot water bottle or heat patch against your tummy or back. Make sure these aren’t directly applied to your skin as you may burn yourself.

Try relaxation techniques
A warm bath or shower may help you relax. You can also try practicing yoga.

Wear loose-fitting clothing
If you have period bloating or stomach cramps, tight clothes may feel uncomfortable. Loose fitting clothes can help to ease some discomfort.

It’s useful to track your symptoms or keep a period diary. A period diary helps you to record any changes in your menstrual cycle. If you have any concerns, your GP may be able to notice patterns between your symptoms and menstrual cycle.

Yes. You can choose whether you’d like a male or female GP when booking your appointment.

No. The Period Plan isn’t covered by Bupa health insurance, it’s an additional cost

Extra support and guidance on women’s health

From periods to the menopause and endometriosis, we’ve got lots of health information and advice available on our Women’s health hub.

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