Bupa Dental Insurance opens up to Virtual Oral Care and Extra Benefits

26 July 2020

  • No need to leave home – customers offered virtual dental check ups
  • Remote consultations also available for emergency dental services
  • Additional benefits covered for face to face dental appointments

Bupa is expanding its range of dental insurance benefits to include virtual dental assessments, and remote emergency support.

We’ll be writing directly to all your dental clients and their employees, to make them aware of the updates. Click on the links below to view these communications, or see the FAQ document here for any client queries.

Clients with Dental Choice V18 will receive the following:

Member letter

B2B group letter

Clients with other product variants (including Dental Plan V18, Dental Choice v13, Dental Choice v14 and bespoke groups) will receive the following:

Member letter

B2B group letter

The enhanced dental insurance benefits will give customers different options to access oral care and encourage patients to seek dental care treatment they need, without having to leave home.

The virtual dental services will offer the unique opportunity for customers to have their oral health reviewed from home using camera and video technology. They will send in images and videos through the service, and a dentist will then review them and build a personalised assessment report based on individual oral health risks and offer suggested care and treatment options.

Dental insurance customers who are midway through treatment or have an emergency, can also access remote emergency dental support. Consultations will be available either by telephone or a video appointment, even if they are not currently registered with a Bupa Dental Care dentist. This service is complimentary for Bupa insurance customers and does not impact benefit limits.

The guidelines for the reopening of practices requires dentists to implement additional safety measures to keep patients and dentists Covid-safe. This includes all patients, clinical and practice teams wearing enhanced PPE to minimise the risk of cross contamination during treatments.

If customers do need to visit the dentist in person, Bupa dental insurance will now cover the exceptional costs of PPE for treatment up to our customers benefit limits until the end of 2020. This means Bupa will pay for the cost of treatment and the additional PPE costs out of the relevant treatment benefit, providing it is within benefit limits.

Richard Norris, Director of Bupa dental insurance said: “We have seen demand for remote access services expand exponentially during Covid-19, and we are continuing to look at ways that we can provide continued care for our customers. We have introduced these new dental insurance benefits to ensure customers don’t delay seeking help for dental health worries, because it means leaving home to get help or having difficulty getting a face to face appointment. Whatever the dental concern, whether emergency or routine, we want to help our patients get the care they need."

“We’re also supporting our customers by contributing to additional PPE costs up to policy benefit limits to provide peace of mind for those needing face to face treatment.”

Dental insurance customers can find more details about available services by visiting https://www.bupa.co.uk/coronavirus/dental

Bupa Dental Care has also created a video to help customers understand how dental practices are adapting to help keep them Covid-safe: https://www.bupa.co.uk/dental/dental-care/coronavirus-covid-19-notice