Access to care from the comfort of their own home: ‘Bupa From Home’

26 November 2020

Our commitment throughout the pandemic has always been to ensure that our customers have access to the care that they need, when they need it, even if they cannot travel to see a clinician or even leave their homes.

Back in July we launched Bupa From Home which brought all our remote services, both existing and newly launched, under one banner.

Since its launch we’ve had a fantastic response to our range of Bupa From Home services, which include being able to talk to nurses and GPs 24/7, along with specialist help for mental health, cancer and muscle, bone and joint conditions. Our Family Mental HealthLine is also available to support customers who may be concerned about their children’s mental health. And using our Digital GP and our Anytime HealthLine services won’t impact their excess if this is included within your customers’ cover.

To highlight how Bupa From Home has benefitted our customers throughout the pandemic we have updated the brochures with testimonials and usage stats which really bring its value to life.

Download intermediary brochure

Download corporate employee brochure

Download SME employee brochure

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