Manager advice: welcoming employees back after long-term absence

26 July 2021

Help clients hold on to talent by transforming the way they welcome employees back after long-term absence. Bupa’s Commercial Director for Health Clinics, Alaana Woods, shares her experience of what makes returning to work easier.

“I can speak from experience that the role of a manager is key, thankfully mine has been amazing. They worked hard to understand what I needed and gave me the space and time so I could return to work energised and focused. I know that I am returning stronger, I feel more excited about my career than I have in years. I also feel more committed and loyal to my manager and to my business.”

Read her full blog, complete with four practical tips for managers

With real-life advice to pull from, now’s the time for your clients to start thinking about how they approach things and what wellbeing initiatives they offer to help their team feel at their best.

“I firmly believe the pandemic can be a force for positive change, we are at a turning point in business and we have opportunity to be less cynical and do it differently. We can lead with empathy and understanding, to retain our people we need to be better, we need to talk about things that are sometimes hard.”

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