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Learn more about how your medical records are stored and changing consent within the app.

Where are my medical records stored?

All of your personal health data, including your primary care information, secondary care information, medication information and diagnostic information, is stored on secure servers located in the UK. Where you have chosen a password that enables you to access certain parts of our app, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share your password with anyone.

Is my information shared? If so, who with?

If you give explicit consent at the time of booking your consultation, your information can be shared with your NHS GP and with Bupa to help with onward care and to improve your experience. You can update your GP details using Clinical Records. We will never share your medical information with your employer.

Are the consultations private?

Yes, they are completely private. The consultations are never conducted outside of a private room with just yourself and the doctor. Please make sure you go somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable discussing your health. This could be at home or work, just as long as you won’t be disturbed.

Will my consultation be recorded?

Yes. The audio element will be recorded.

Why do we record your consultation?

The audio element of your consultation is recorded to monitor the quality of the services we provide.

Only if you provide your explicit consent will we use the recordings to improve our services. Your information is de-identified, and you can change your consent at any time in the privacy settings of your account.

How do I change my consent?

Open Bupa Blua Health.
Tap Me icon on the Home screen.
Select Privacy preferences.
Toggle the buttons on/ off.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Will my regular GP know the details of my consultation?

When booking a consultation with a Bupa clinician you will be asked if you would like to share the details of that appointment with your regular doctor. If you choose this, a paper summary of your consultation will be posted to your NHS GP.

Do my NHS records get transferred immediately to Bupa Blua Health?

No. Bupa is a private healthcare provider, and like all private healthcare providers, we can't access your NHS records when you register. What we can do is provide you with the means of sharing everything you know about yourself with us ahead of your consultation. From your first consultation onwards, we will be building your health history with us. Please remember that when you consult with a Bupa clinician you can choose to have a summary of your consultation sent to your regular GP, ensuring seamless continuity of care.

How can I request a copy of my medical records?

You can request a copy of your Bupa medical records or personal data by emailing [email protected]

You can also request a copy of your child's Bupa medical records or personal data if they are under the age of 16.

Once you’ve submitted the request, data protection laws allow us one month to get back to you. For more information, see our Privacy Notice.

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