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Whether you’re managing your own mental health, or thinking about your employees, there’s support and services available to you.

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Services within your organisation

There are services and teams within your place of work that are there to help and support you.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

This is typically a free, confidential counselling and advisory service for employees. Not all workplaces will have an EAP but many large organisations do. EAP has telephone counsellors available 24/7, 365 days a year and can also signpost for legal, financial, family, child and elderly care support.

Unfortunately, in most cases, staff don’t know what they offer and don’t turn to them for support. If your organisation has an EAP, investigate what it offers and how it can help. If you’re a manager, it might be helpful to check your team knows about it too.

Human Resources (HR) team

Your HR team should be able to help you with your rights, information on policies and processes, legal requirements and possible adjustments. They may also be able to help managers talk to mental health nurses or a crisis team if they’re concerned about a member of staff.

Occupational health

Occupational health provides advice about managing your health in the workplace and any reasonable adjustments that might be suitable. They can give employers and managers more information about conditions and how it might affect your work. Smaller organisations may use an external occupational health provider.

Mental Health Direct Access

If your organisation has EAP with Bupa or you have a private medical insurance policy, you may have access to Bupa’s team of mental wellbeing practitioners. This team will complete in-depth mental health assessments, provide low level interventions and referrals to ongoing clinical, therapeutic care.

Support and information for employees and managers

Mental health hub

Our Mental Health hub has a range of information and advice around mental health and wellbeing, including conditions, treatments and taking care of yourself.

Guide for managers

Open up at work - Manager’s guide (PDF, 2MB). This is a guide covering some of the key points of this information. Download and print out for easy reference.

Work-related stress

See our topic page on Work-related stress. Learn about the impact it can have and how to spot and treat it.

External charities and organisations

There’s a wealth of information out there to help you at work, as an employee or manager. We’ve pulled together some of the best resources to support you.

For managers


Disciplinary and grievance

Flexible working, sickness and return to work

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