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The coronavirus situation changes continually. To keep you up to date, we release regular information about what we’re doing to support you, your clients, and their employees during these challenging times.

Bupa from Home:
Remote services

All of our remote services are now under a single banner, which is ideal for people working from home or who can’t get to a clinician. Depending on the cover, Bupa from Home can include:

  • 24/7 access to nurses and GPs via Bupa Anytime HealthLine
  • Specialist support for mental health, cancer, and muscle, bone and joint conditions
  • Our Family Mental HealthLine for children’s mental health
  • Dental reviews

Our Digital GP and Anytime HealthLine services won’t affect the excess if included within your customers’ cover.

COVID-19 at home PCR tests

COVID-19 tests
We now offer COVID-19 PCR home-testing tests for individual and business customers, which can tell you if you’re currently infected with COVID-19. You’ll receive a testing kit within 36 hours of ordering, and get your result within 48 hours of the lab receiving your swab.

COVID-19 rapid antibody tests
We also offer COVID-19 rapid antibody tests in selected health centres. This means that within 15 minutes, individuals could find out if they have detectable antibodies to the virus.††

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Frequently asked questions

All live quotations have had to be cancelled because we can’t accept new customers at this time, unfortunately.

We’ve had to suspend new business applications until further notice. We’ll provide updates as the situation develops.

No. Until further notice, we are no longer accepting new customers for travel insurance.

Business customers, and Bupa By You add-on customers, will have the option to continue their cover in the normal way. However, since January 2020 and unrelated to COVID-19, we have not been renewing or writing standalone consumer travel insurance policies.

At present, we’re assessing requests on a case-by-case basis. So please contact us.

At this time, we’re unable to accept any request to upgrade a travel policy mid-term.

We are continually working to bring you coronavirus testing services. The situation is evolving all the time, so please check with us regularly.

We now offer a range of COVID-19 testing to look for current infection, including:

  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR) home testing kits 
  • Rapid antigen testing with lateral flow devices, providing a result within 30 minutes. These aren’t available as one-off tests, but are designed to be part of an asymptomatic corporate screening programme.

COVID-19 testing could be a helpful addition to your clients’ return to work strategy. Please refer to COVID-19 testing for businesses, and there’s more about testing for the coronavirus on our general FAQs page.

Selected Bupa health centres also offer rapid COVID-19 antibody testing, which in 15 minutes could let you know if you have detectable antibodies to COVID-19. If you do, it would suggest you’ve previously been infected with COVID-19. The test cannot confirm when you had it or how long any antibodies may last.

At this time, the national focus is quite rightly on ensuring that the coronavirus vaccine is provided first to those who are most in need. That’s why, currently, vaccination is only being done by the NHS. We’re working closely with our suppliers, so when the time is right we plan to offer the vaccine to our corporate customers – just as we do already with the flu vaccine.

Yes, please get in touch using the same telephone numbers and email addresses. However, due to a very high volume of calls, it would be a big help if you could use email or Bupa Connect in the first instance.

We foresee no changes to your key contact. However, if they’re unavailable, we have a support network in place which means that someone else will step in. We also have a clear structure which means queries can be escalated to the appropriate commercial manager.

In this unlikely event, we’ll work closely with you and your client to find the most suitable resolution as quickly as possible.

We'll be happy to accept confirmation from an authorised contact within the client organisation. Customers are always our priority, so we’ll work closely with you and your client to find a resolution as quickly as possible.

No, it will continue to be kept up to date and we don’t foresee any disruption to the service. Visit Bupa Connect.

Expert advice and tips from our
COVID-19 articles and videos

Browse our collection of articles and videos offering advice and guidance from Bupa's medical experts. They cover a range of coronavirus topics including risk factors, long COVID, how to cope when shielding, mental health concerns, and much more.

To protect everyone during COVID-19, we’ve changed how they access our products and services.

Please note that Bupa can’t be held responsible for delays with Royal Mail deliveries.

†† A positive result from the COVID-19 rapid antibody test would suggest, but cannot confirm, that an individual may have been infected in the past. It also cannot tell them how long those antibodies may last or whether they offer any immunity.

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