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Working together to empower better mental health in young people

The Bupa UK Foundation is partnering with leading mental health charity, Mind. We’re working together to empower young people to look after their own mental health. By 2022, we aim to help 2.5 million young people and their families to access new resources, providing support and guidance on mental health.


By 2022, we aim to help 2.5 million young people and their families access information and resources to improve their mental health

The Bupa UK Foundation and Mind share a vision: we want to empower Britain’s young people to live happier, healthier lives. For that to happen, they (and their families) need expert information and guidance about mental health.

Together we’re sharing free resources with and for children and young people, especially those aged 11- 25, using language they understand, and terms they search for.

The free mental health information is available on the Mind website, so everyone can use it. It covers topics like talking to your doctor, feelings and opening up, and understanding Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), with further resources in development.

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The Bupa UK Foundation and Mind announce partnership

Read the news story about The Bupa UK Foundation’s partnership with leading mental health charity Mind. Find out how we’re working together to provide better resources for families and young people.

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