Getting Hygge with it this Autumn - 10 top tips

Health and Lifestyle Editor at Bupa UK
17 September 2018

It’s actually pronounced ‘Hoo-ga’ rather than ‘Higgy’ and it’s a Scandinavian concept that captures the ideas of living well, togetherness and cosiness. It’s a philosophy that focuses on simplicity, unwinding and slowing down the pace of life. Most importantly, it’s about enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and connecting with others.

So what attitude could be more perfect to embrace as the seasons change and the nights start to draw in? Rather than be sad that summer is over, turn your attention to all the ways you can welcome the changing season. Here are our 10 top tips on how to be inspired by Hygge.

1. Light it up

Use fairy lights, scented candles, tea lights and table lamps – turn off the main lights and go for some cosy mood lighting instead.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Buy some fresh flowers or plants, or collect some natural materials to display in your home. Research shows that flowers have a positive effect on our happiness.

3. Add texture

Add some Hygge elements to your living place to make it feel snug. A good tip before you do this is to declutter and then add different textures, such as blankets and rugs, candles and books to your space.

4. Tell a story

Curate your home with some choice objects and ornaments that mean something to you. Tell the story of your life and relive your memories with furniture, gifts, antiques, travel souvenirs, accents and pictures that reflect you and your life.

5. Put the kettle on

Whether it’s a cup of tea, cocoa, lemon and ginger, or soup – putting your hands around a hot mug is soothing, warming and very cosy.

6. Throw a dinner party

Invite family or friends, cook a hearty stew and have a glass of wine. Put on some music and maybe play a board game. Revel in the warmth and laughter even if it’s cold and rainy outside. Make an occasion of it by setting the table with serviettes, candles, flowers and a sprinkle of glitter.

7. Curl up with a cat

Have a movie night or put your nose in a book – whether it’s a new film or an old favourite, snuggle down on the sofa and relax for an afternoon. Enjoy being in the warm. Preferably with a cat curled up on your lap.

8. Get toasty

Layer up with blankets, slippers and chunky jumpers – the softer, fleecier and fluffier the better. Wearing a super soft jumper or fluffy socks is a good way to self soothe.

9. Watch the leaves change

Don a bobble hat, ear muffs, scarf and gloves – make yourself nice and toasty – and go for a walk on a bright autumn day. Head to a park and watch the leaves turn golden and orange while you sip a takeaway hot chocolate.

10. Treat yourself

What lifts your mood and feels like an indulgence and a treat? For example, it could be switching your phone off and having a hot bubble bath. Slow down and take the time to enjoy the moment.

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Natalie Heaton
Health and Lifestyle Editor at Bupa UK

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