What benefits do you get with private health insurance?

Bupa health insurance does more than just care for your physical and mental health. It gives you peace of mind when you need it most.

Benefits include access to our quick and easy digital GP service and to a choice of private hospitals. Our private health insurance also includes mental health support for a range of conditions.

Questions about your benefits? Just ask!


Who are you?

Hi, my name's Kelly Holden. I'm a corporate account manager at Bupa.

Come and ask me your questions today about your health insurance and even what

you might be covered for.

How do I get the most out of my policy - if I don't need to claim?

You don't need to claim to get the most out of your policy.

You can access our digital GP through the Bupa Blue Health app.

You can also use the Anytime Healthline,

and also you can access lots of content and support through our inside health

events and through our websites.

Can I use my cover straight away?

As soon as your cover starts,

you can speak to a digital GP via the Bupa Blue Health app,

or you can speak to one of our nurses on the Anytime Healthline.

There's also lots of health content available on our website that you can

access. If you do need to see someone, then just call us to authorize this,

and as long as your symptoms started after your cover started,

that should be okay. In some cases, when you make a claim early on,

we may need to speak to your gp.

Are there any rewards?

Yes, there are lots of rewards for being with Bupa to save you money on health,

leisure, and wellbeing. Just visit our website for more information.

Does Bupa have any apps I can use?

We have the Bupa Blue Health app where you can access GP

physiotherapy, pharmacist, or mental health support.

That's available anytime day or night,

and you can usually get an appointment within 24 hours.

There's also the Symptom chequer,

which is available as part of the Bupa Blue Health App,

which you can use to advise you on the next steps.

We also have our Bupa Touch app where you can view your claims

request treatment and also view your policy documents.

So if you're ever unsure of what your policy covers you for,

then you can go to Bupa Touch to find out that information.

What's Anytime HealthLine?

In a nutshell,

it's a helpline stuffed by Bupa nurses who are available anytime

day or night to help with any health concerns that you may have,

big or small.

They're there to provide you with reassurance and guidance on the next steps.

Hopefully putting your mind at rest.

Is there a limit to the number of phone calls I can make to the Anytime HealthLine?

There are no limits to the amount of times you can call the Anytime Healthline.

They're available all year round,

anytime day or night to help with any health concerns that you may have.

Where can I find health advice?

Bupa's website at Bupa dot hosts a whole array of health

content and expert advice.

We have content from our health ambassadors and clinical expertise.

We also have our inside health content,

which will be delivered straight to your mailbox.

Can I get a GP appointment when I need one?

You can bulk a digital GP appointment through the Bupa Blue Health App.

Appointments are available at any time and usually within 24 hours,

and you don't have to pay extra for this digital gp.

It comes as part of your policy regardless how many times you have an

appointment. Alternatively, you can see a private gp,

but you'll have to pay for this yourself.

What is a platinum consultant?

Platinum consultants are covered by all of our healthcare policies and schemes.

They ared,

which means that you won't get any unexpected bills to pay for your eligible

treatments. They're rated 97% good or excellent by Bupa patients,

and they're also part of our Open Referral Network.

You can find our consultant and facilities finder highlights our platinum

consultants on our website.

Can I get help or treatment at home?

You can use our Bupa Blue Health App and access a digital gp,

or you can contact our Anytime Healthline from anywhere.

If you do need treatment at home,

then this will depend on what your policy covers you for and the symptoms that

you're experiencing. This will be assessed on a case by case basis,

and there may be occasions when we may not be able to cover treatment at home.

Do I get a no claims discount?

You will have a no claims discount applied when you join us.

Then depending on if you have or haven't claimed your no claims discount may

be affected when you renew with us.

If you've got any questions regarding how the No Claims discount works,

just give us a call and we'll help you through it.

Our health insurance benefits

Bupa private medical insurance looks after your health and your wellbeing. You can expect all of this and more:

Learn more about private health insurance

Get a better understanding of our health insurance cover. We also cover topics such as looking after yourself as a parent and looking after your children’s health.

Get a health insurance quote with us now

Our health insurance is designed to suit you. You can get a personalised quote by chatting to us and answering questions about you and your health and lifestyle.

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Customers who live on the Isle of Man, or have a Bupa Standard, Bupa Premium or Bupa Your Choice policy, do not have access to Bupa Blua Health, but can access GP24 provided by HealthHero. Some corporate schemes don t include access to Bupa Blua Health or GP24, so please check your scheme documents or give us a call.

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