We’ve committed to reducing our overall environmental footprint. Because there can be no health without a healthy planet.

Working with Foodsteps

eco-Disruptive is Bupa's global innovation challenge, run for 8 months in 2021 across some of the largest parts of our business – Australia, Spain, Chile and the UK.

As part of this, we've been working with Foodsteps, a group of food-sustainability scientists at the University of Cambridge who have experience in the catering industry.

They empower people to make sustainable choices about their food. They do this with innovative tools such as a carbon-labelling system and an app that shows their food's journey from farm to fork.

We've now introduced carbon labelling on food items in our own offices, so our employees can make more informed choices.

What our people are saying

"I recently joined Bupa and was keen to get out and start finding some energy savings across all our properties. To start with, I looked at our largest energy consumer, the Cromwell Hospital. I found that the server room was being over-chilled. This simple finding led to an investigation of all our server rooms, and we've now lifted the temperature across all 150 rooms – immediately saving 321 tonnes of carbon"

Bupa Energy Manager, June 2021

Making a better world

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