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How to claim

How do I make a claim?

First check your policy wording to make sure you meet the claims conditions. You’ll then need to complete and submit a claims form, along with all the necessary information or documents requested.

If you’re unsure what your policy type is or you’re unsure which of the below claim forms to request, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you.

Once you’ve received and completed the relevant claim form(s), return it along with the required documentation as soon as you can.

Here’s a selection of questions and answers that we’ve already helped our customers with.

Please ensure that you submit your original claim form(s) and supporting documentation within 28 days of returning home to your country of residence or as soon as possible thereafter.

Please check the section you’re claiming under on your policy or your claim form(s) to make sure that any necessary supporting evidence is supplied. This would include receipts, theft/loss reports, medical reports in relation to medical claims and evidence of your trip starting and ending in your country of residence such as a booking invoice, travel ticket or travel itinerary. If you’re unsure please contact us on 0800 00 10 22^ or check the details listed on the relevant claim form.

We can’t accept photocopies of documents. We’d recommend keeping copies of all your documents when submitting your claim.

Please contact us on 0800 001 022^ or e-mail us at and we’ll arrange for a claim form to be sent to you by post.

Please call our emergency helpline on +44(0) 1273736520^ or email

In the event of an emergency, you must contact Bupa Travel Assistance as soon as possible, to get authorisation before being admitted into hospital as an in-patient or incurring any expenses over £500. Until you have contacted Bupa Travel Assistance, we cannot accept responsibility for any expenses.

When you contact Bupa Travel Assistance, you’ll be asked to give your name, policy number and as much information as possible about your emergency. We’ll ask for a telephone or email where we can contact you.

Costs under £500 resulting in a claim should be paid by you and reclaimed from Bupa Travel upon returning home.

If you suffer an illness or injury and wish to cut short your trip on medical grounds, you must contact Bupa Travel Assistance on the numbers above for authorisation. If you don’t receive authorisation, your claim may be rejected.

Please check the section you are claiming under on your policy to see if an excess applies.

Please complete the payment method section of the claim form where you can choose to receive payment by cheque or BACS (UK accounts only).

This depends on what type of claims you want to submit. Please refer to the claims forms and complete one for each relevant section of the policy that you are claiming under.

^ Service lines are open 8.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, Saturday 9am to 1pm. We're closed on bank holidays. We may record or monitor our calls.

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