[Podcast] Marathon training tips and running plans

Marcella McEvoy, Specialist Editor, Bupa
Senior Health Content Editor at Bupa UK
23 February 2022
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Have you got your sights set on completing a marathon? If so, you’ll no doubt be gearing up for some focused months of training. Here, you can listen to experienced and first-time marathon runners share their marathon training tips, in our latest Healthy Me podcast. I also share two marathon training programmes designed for beginner or intermediate runners.

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Marathon training and nutritional tips

The weather and dark mornings and evenings can make it tough to get out there and improve your fitness levels. So, I spoke to Robert Tansey, Founder of the Buddyboost wellbeing activity app, and Jane Fletcher, to get their perspective and tips on training for a marathon. Robert has completed 15 marathons, and Jane is a first-time marathon runner.

We cover topics from the importance of training plans to avoiding injuries, staying motivated and preparing for the day itself. Michelle Harrison, a keen runner who completed the London marathon, also discusses how to fuel your body during marathon training.

You can listen to the discussion in the ‘Marathon training tips’ podcast here.

Marathon running training plans

If you’ve got a marathon on the horizon, we’ve got two running programmes to meet your needs. Our training programmes cover everything you need to know about slow runs, steady runs and tempo runs. They also include advice about frequency, intensity and time for each training run you do.

Beginner running programme

Click on the image below to see the full programme (PDF 0.2 MB, opens in a new window).

Bupa's beginner marathon plan

Intermediate running programme

Click on the image below to see the full programme (PDF 0.2 MB, opens in a new window).

Bupa's Intermediate marathon plan

Wishing you all the best of luck with reaching your marathon running goal!  

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Marcella McEvoy, Specialist Editor, Bupa
Marcella McEvoy
Senior Health Content Editor at Bupa UK

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