Work, life and health

Work, life and health

As well as supporting your emotional wellbeing, we want to provide you with practical information and support to help you overcome any issues that may affect your work or personal life, particularly during what is a difficult period for many. Here you’ll find a whole range of information, tools and advice ranging from child and family health to diet and nutrition and financial wellbeing.

For free confidential advice and support, please call 0800 269 616^

From Ireland: 1800 409 710^

International number for calling outside the UK: +44 1315880321

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Here you’ll find unlimited access to helpful health information and practical tools.

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International number for eligible members calling outside the UK +44 1315880321

^Calls may be recorded and to maintain the quality of our service we may monitor some of our calls, always respecting the confidentiality of the call.

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